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Wercker step to validate Hugo themes

So last week, I created a material design theme for Hugo, a static site generator which I’m quite fond of.

As I discovered Wercker, an awesome CI tool, I went looking for a way to automatically validate themes.

There wasn’t any, so I simply wrote a build step for Wercker. The build step validates a Hugo theme using an example site. It also checks if you included some files required for a future Hugo themes site.

The code for the build step is available at https://github.com/SamuelDebruyn/wercker-step-hugo-theme-check and an example wercker.yml configuration is included below.

box: debian
	- samueldebruyn/hugo-theme-check:
		version: "0.14"
		theme: material-lite
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Samuel Debruyn is a C# developer who builds mobile (cross platform) apps with Xamarin. Sam is a certified Xamarin mobile developer since 2016. He likes to experiment with all kinds of programming languages and software frameworks. More info